How It Works

Boss Builders provides turnkey training and development solutions to better prepare The Boss to fix systems and processes and develop their team.  Our proven process allows us to partner with you and provide the structure, systems, tools, and techniques to develop a management team of any size, even one with just a single learner!  Here’s how it works:

Step #1:  Assess The Boss:  This is done through the use of our Boss Builder™ online assessment.  Each manager is evaluated on the Boss Competencies relating to the particular position they’re in right now.  The boss’s immediate supervisor will provide this information in partnership with us.

Step #2:  Basic Training:  The Boss will take a series of video-based, self-paced training sessions.  These lessons are short and provide easy-to-adopt tools, models and techniques.

Step #3:  Development:  After Step #2, The Boss will then participate in onsite or virtual Management Roundtable® sessions where they have an open-forum, facilitator-led and peer participative sessions to wrestle with specific issues.  This ties in the learning from Step #2 with practical advice from seasoned management experts.

Step #4:  Re-assess The Boss:  Armed with feedback from the Coach, The Boss will be reevaluated with the Boss Builder™ tool and assessed on progress towards Competencies.  Upon successful evaluation, The Boss will enter Phase #2 where the cycle repeats with more advanced learning.  The final round, Phase #3 will prepare The Boss for a more strategic role.