Boss Basic Training

Basic Training involves transferring knowledge around the necessary skills for being The Boss.  These 48 topics are short (5 – 7 minutes max), practical, and absolutely imperative for The Boss to master.

Phase 1:  Getting Started as The Boss

  1. What is My Job as The Boss?
  2. How to “Protect the House”
  3. Myths About Being The Boss
  4. How to Look and Act Like The Boss
  5. How to Manage Former Peers
  6. How to Think Like The Boss
  7. How to Communicate Like The Boss
  8. How to Communicate With Your Department and Organization
  9. How to Communicate With Individuals
  10. How to Build Rapport
  11. How to Get Better Performance from Your Team
  12. How to Diagnose Poor Performance
  13. How to Motivate Unmotivated People
  14. How to Diagnose Focus Problems
  15. How to Help People Develop
  16. How to Give Positive Feedback
  17. How to Give Negative (Corrective) Feedback
  18. How NOT to Screw Up Feedback
  19. How to Be a Good Coach
  20. How to Coach for Skill and Focus

Phase 2:  Growing as The Boss

  1. How to Be a Systems and Process Thinker
  2. How to Create and Use a Flowchart
  3. How to Create and Use a Fishbone Diagram
  4. How to Solve Complicated Problems
  5. How to Make Better Use of Data in Solving Problems
  6. How to Explain Your Problem or Solution using Dollar Figures
  7. How to Make a Better Decision
  8. How to Be Emotionally Intelligent
  9. How to Manage Conflict
  10. How to Manage Change
  11. How to Document Performance
  12. How to Have Career and Development Conversations

Phase 3:  Being The Boss

  1. How to Systemize Your Department
  2. How to Plan and Prioritize
  3. How to Set Goals and Strategies
  4. How to Successfully Communicate Upwards
  5. How to Delegate Successfully
  6. How to Adjust Your Political (Organizational) Attitude
  7. How to Navigate Your Organization’s Politics
  8. How to Negotiate Effectively
  9. How to Value and Leverage Diversity
  10. How to Build and Run a Synergistic Team
  11. How to Build Your Bench (and Replace Yourself)
  12. How to Create Healthy Habits for Yourself
  13. How to Take Next Steps as The Boss