Why Do You Believe a Bad Boss Is Better Than a Leader?

We don’t. What we’re saying is that the opposite of a boss isn’t necessarily a leader. What we want to do is build a foundation of basic skills that will enable somebody who is new to the role of being the boss to be successful. Once they are successful, then the process of leadership development can begin. But just the blanket comparison we believe is wrong.

Why Do You Keep Referring to Managers as The Boss?

We do this because most people refer to their direct supervisor as their boss. The Boss could be anyone from a team lead, to a supervisor, to a manager, to a director, and even a VP-level person. Basically it’s the person who guides you and tells you what to do on a daily basis. We just narrow that term down to be “The Boss.”

So How Do You Create Good Bosses?

We begin by referencing 31 basic competencies that any good manager would have to master to be successful. What we do in our program is have the newly appointed manager take a self-assessment of their skills and abilities around those competencies. We also have their boss do the same assessment on them. In that way we partner with you to develop your managers. This gives us a foundation of what we have to work with.

Okay So Now You’ve Assessed Where They Are, What Happens Next?

We have divided our program into three phases, with each phase lasting around a month or so. We call these Phases Getting Started As The Boss, Growing As The Boss, and Being The Boss. Each phase builds on the last phase and what it does is gives the new boss the foundation to be able to add to their repertoire of Knowledge and Skills. The final phase, Being The Boss, is very strategic and enables the new boss to start acting and being successful on a larger stage.

How Do You Run Your Classes?

Our preference is always face to face and in a group setting, but we know that’s not always possible, feasible, or affordable.  What we’ve done is  broken down the topics into 45 short videos, about 7 to 9 Minutes in duration, with a workbook where they can take notes. The video instructor is our Founder and CEO Mack Munro who takes them through the materials. They can watch these on their own schedule at their own time using either a desktop computer, or they can download the Google Classroom app to view it on their mobile device or tablet.

Where Do You Get the Management Training Models and Techniques?  How Do We Know They Actually Work?

Mack Munro has been a management development practitioner for over 20 years.  In his travels and research, he’s seen the best and worst management practices.  The materials, models, techniques, and behaviors are based on his experience and we guarantee they work.

But Isn’t There More to Growing as The Boss Than Just Watching a Bunch of Videos?

Absolutely! The real value of our Boss Builders program is that after each phase and throughout each phase, the new boss meets virtually or in person with a designated, certified Boss Builder Guides. Our guides are experienced in various areas of industry and human resources and draw upon their years of experience to answer questions and go through the material with the boss who is in our program. These one-on-one meetings or group Roundtable meetings are the opportunities our students have to ask questions, get clarification, or bring their real-world issues to the table and get guided answers.

Do We Have Any Part in This Program or Does Boss Builders Handle It All?

Absolutely!  You can’t possibly outsource management development to a vendor like us and expect it to work. We partner with you by having you evaluate the progress of your bosses. We share the survey data with the immediate supervisor and form a triangle of knowledge, the boss, the boss’s boss, and the Boss Builder guide. Between the three people in this exchange, we can communicate effectively and ensure that we are providing the right type of guidance to make your boss successful in your own company. Additionally, we recommend that you begin to work with your new boss to find mentors internally to help guide them further in their Journey.

What Happens When They Get Through All the Videos?

Upon completion of the video series, we want to reevaluate the progress using the same survey that we begin the program with. What we look for here is demonstrated growth in the actions, skills, and competencies, if your new boss appears to be successful, we will recommend leadership development as probably the next step. The good news is, as part of our program you will have access to the 45 initial videos as well as access to our BossFlix®Library where we present short topics that are very specific to issues that managers write in and ask us about. This provides on-demand learning whenever that newly designated boss needs help.

Do You Provide Leadership Development?

No. We recommend however that if you are serious about growing your boss to that level, you use a different process then what a lot of vendors will offer. We recommend the use of a certified coach as well as 360-degree surveys to enable your successful boss to start taking on greater challenges and developing leadership behaviors. And our experience, these are not done well through classes or group events. He’s our one-on-one areas where an individual can get focused attention to hone their abilities to a razor’s edge.

You Mentioned Just the Videos, Do You Also Do Classroom Training with These Topics?

Yes. We have instructors that will come on site and provide the same skills that you see in the videos in a classroom environment. With that venue, we are able to do more skills practice and simulations with groups which enables them to get more rapid transfer of Knowledge and Skills. We are flexible and that we can do these in short segments which minimizes the time away from the job. When we come on site, we also save you a great deal of travel dollars. With any of our on-site programs, we also offer access to the video series and the BossFlix® series when you have completed our classroom program.

Ok We’re Interested!  How Do We Get Started?

Click HERE to give us your information and we will respond immediately.  We’ll do a quick call to get a scope of what you want done and then send you a quote.

That’s Scary.  Before I Waste My Time with This, Can You Tell Me How Much It Costs?

The cost depends on the scope of your project.  Let me just assure you though, we provide, the most effective, most efficient, and MOST AFFORDABLE management training in the industry.  Trust me, you won’t be frightened by the cost!