Boss Builder Academy Corporate

Boss Builder Academy Corporate is the most efficient way to train a large group of Bosses (10 or more).

Step#1:  Assess participants using our Boss Builder Performance Assessment.

Step #2:  Enroll participants into the Boss Builder Academy classroom to view the core 45 videos.

Step #3:  Participants attend monthly onsite Management Roundtable discussions and learning sessions with a certified Boss Builder Guide.

Step #4:  Re-assess participants after 3 – 6 months to view progress in their performance.

Step #5:  Maintenance.  Continued access to the Boss Builder Academy videos including our BossFlix library.  Attend Management Roundtables as needed.


  • Flexible learning that can be done on-demand.
  • Less time away from the primary to attend training
  • No travel expenses for attendees
  • Roundtable sessions enhance teamwork and collegial relationships
  • Regular development of management skills through guided facilitation

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