Who is “The Boss?”

“The Boss” is the term we give to anyone in a position of supervision.  The goal is to be a Great Boss!

Great bosses master the three critical components of the job

  • Fixing Systems and Processes
  • Protecting “The House”
  • Developing Talent

Fixing Systems and Processes

These tasks are where managers or supervisors are the most comfortable.  It’s probably why you hired them.  Without attention here, the business is going to struggle.  Unfortunately, there is far more to the role than these tasks though.

Protecting “The House”

The Boss needs to look out for hazards, from safety issues all the way to HR liability issues.  It’s not glamorous but it’s absolutely critical.

Developing People

This is the most important role and the one where most bosses are least competent and confident.  When the boss devotes time to developing the team, the entire operation becomes stronger.